Your landscaping and exterior aesthetic is a reflection of your business—and may even be the first impression clients and customers have of your brand. At Bodine’s, our design team is thrilled to help take your commercial landscaping from bland to beautiful.

From landscape planting to lighting and walkways, let us exhibit your business’ best qualities.

Showcase your business.

Make a great first impression with pristine exterior design elements.


A relaxing oasis, a natural paradise, a haven for entertaining—your home’s outdoor environment should not only meet your expectations, but exceed them. Our qualified team of professionals is intent on helping turn your residential landscaping dreams into a reality.

We’ll help you create an outdoor living space that is not only functional, but that caters to your personal aesthetic in the best ways possible.

Capture your aesthetic.

Exceed your expectation for your home's outdoor environment.


Hardscape construction is an impactful element that can bring form and function to your outdoor space. Hardscapes are characterized as “non-living” elements in your outdoor spaces including paved areas, retaining walls, walkways, and fountains. These can transform your space through the crafted use of stone, cement, masonry, and other natural elements.

Add form and function.

Transform your outdoor space with useful and impactful elements.

Landscape Lighting

Professional outdoor lighting is the perfect complement to your home or office. Bodine’s can construct a lighting package to ensure that your outdoor space looks beautiful 24 hours a day.

Illuminate your best angles.

Highlight your outdoor space with professional lighting.